Thursday, November 12, 2009

T-shirts For Sale!

Hey, Even On The Rainiest Day blog readers (this would be YOU)! This is not Rebecca posting. This is her younger sister, Amy. I have momentarily hijacked her blog to share something with all of you who know (even if it’s via the internet) and love Rebecca.

Rebecca has been bravely battling this (stupid) cancer for almost 4 years now. Wow. As I write that, I can hardly believe it’s been that long. Every day we’re given with Rebecca is such a gift. Every day we’re given with any loved one is a gift, but sometimes circumstances make us more aware of that gift.

This cancer has changed so much for Rebecca, and it has changed much for all those in her life as well. Some changes have been blessings in one heck of a disguise (think Hollywood special effect department kind of disguise). And then obviously, there are changes that are also very, very unwelcome.

Cancer isn’t usually satisfied to attack only the body. We have discovered that it likes to attack the mind, the spirit, relationships, finances… Whatever it can get it’s grubby little mitts on. That’s not to say cancer will win any of those battles, but it sure tries hard!

We, Rebecca’s family, have taken up our swords, nunchucks, bazookas, and Chinese throwing stars in an effort to help thwart off cancer’s evil attacks. We’re hoping you can help with our latest retaliation.

We have designed these super-cool t-shirts to help both Rebecca’s finances and her spirits! The words on the t-shirt come straight out of this blog post from Rebecca. You can help by purchasing a t-shirt (they’re only $20 each) and then wearing it proudly for Rebecca! Let’s let her know that we love her and support her. (If you don’t live near Rebecca, perhaps you can send her a picture of you sporting your t-shirt?)

Let’s think of these t-shirts as a kind of suit of armor. Gear up! And let’s help Rebecca kick some cancer butt!!!

If you order a t-shirt, please also send me an e-mail so I know as the paypal is linked to an account that isn't often checked. Thank you.