Monday, November 14, 2011

Small Things

Life has been busy, as usual. I feel like I have been constantly running all over with Kylynn, taking her to her various different activities. One place that I recently took Kylynn was to see a seamstress and talk with her about getting my wedding dress made into a First Communion gown. It sounds like the woman we talked with is going to be able to make a beautiful gown for Kylynn, I am excited about that, but looking at my wedding dress got me thinking. I started thinking about Kylynn and her wedding day, someday in the future, if that is what she chooses, and I was, once again, wondering if I would be here to see that day. Then I started thinking that there was a time that I would look at my little girl and wonder if I would get to see her First Communion, and here we are, planning for it, looking forward to it.

In 2007 I made a journey half way around the world to a tiny village named Medjugorje and the one thing my, then 3 year old, Kylynn asked me to bring her home was a pink rosary. I came home with many pink rosaries with the thought that she would receive one for each of the big events in her life along with a letter from me, if I wasn't here. The first one that I planned for her to receive was one for her First Communion and I honestly didn't feel with any certainty that I would be here to give it to her myself. Yet here I am. My little girl is 7 years old now and I will be here to give her that pink rosary at her First Communion. I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. Those pink rosaries hold so much meaning for me now. Each one is a milestone for Kylynn, an event I dearly want to be present for, and each rosary is a challenge daring me to fight harder. I will be so happy to give Kylynn that first pink rosary, but I will be ecstatic to give her the last one, to know I was present for so many big events in her life.

Another couple of little things came about in the midst of my everyday hustle and bustle whose significance would be easy to overlook, they are such commonplace occurrences, but I was lucky enough to reflect at the right moment and thereby see the wonder.

First, ever since I started playing the harp I thought about what a cool thing it would be to play Kylynn to sleep, to have her want me to play her to sleep. But things rarely work out the rosy way we imagine them, 7 year olds have their own agendas, bedtimes fall into set routines, and harp practice gets pushed off to times after Kylynn is asleep. A few nights ago, though, Kylynn was very insistent about falling asleep in my bed and then having me move her to her bed later. I argued a bit about this with her stating that I needed to practice my harp (it's in my room) and Kylynn simply replied that she liked listening to me play and that she would go to sleep and not argue or talk if I just let her stay in my bed and listen to the harp. I eventually agreed and, indeed, Kylynn kept her word and went to sleep without further talking or argument, but it wasn't until later that I realized that life had handed me a small gift, I got to play Kylynn off to sleep on my harp.

The second small thing that happened was that Kylynn had her first sleepover with at friend at our house this weekend. Again, this seems such a commonplace event that I almost missed the significance in it. Laying in bed last night I recalled a somewhat tearful conversation I had with one of my sisters about 4 years ago. I asked that, if something happened to me, she would allow Kylynn to have sleepovers with friends from time to time at her house as I thought parents might shy away from allowing their daughters to sleepover at the house of a friend with a single dad. My sister, of course, agreed and we moved forward with life. Saturday night as I sat, covered in glitter and paint, making crafts with two giggling 7 year old girls, I didn't see it, but here was another small gift, another event I feared I would never live to see. I am blessed.

And so you see, even on the rainiest day, in the midst of the muck and disguised as the everyday, there are small things, gifts and blessings, that really aren't small at all. We just have to learn to be still long enough to see and recognize them.